Monday, January 22, 2007

HAPPY Belated Mail Day & Small Happy Dance

On one of the boards at Christmastime, we were asked to post what we'd like most off our wishlist. There was one pattern that I've drooled over, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to have it, so on a whim, I posted it, and it was answered by a most wonderful woman named Marri!!! (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, Marri!!!)

Saturday's mail brought the really wonderful and anticipated "surprise"!!! It was a package from The Cross Stitch Gallery and inside held "The Baby" by Harrison Fisher. I opened the package as carefully as possible, and just sat and drooled over the 16 page pattern for most of the afternoon. I still couldn't believe that I was fortunate enough to have this beautiful pattern in my hands. I know I had decided that I wouldn't start anything major until I cut my WIP's down, but this one is special. I figured if I had a fabric in my stash that was large enough, I would throw that promise to the wind. Sure enough, I found a lovely 32 ct. piece of white Jobelan. I pulled the colors and they are so soft and beautiful!! How could I resist now?!! Saturday night after the children went to bed, I put my first stitches in. This will be my night piece - to stitch to unwind and relax.

As of last night, here's my progress on "The Baby". It's difficult to see, as it's a cream color on white. I started in the center as I want to see if I really need to stitch the white background when the design itself is finished. I'm hoping with 32-count, the weave will be fine enough to leave unstitched.

With such a large project in the works, I'm not going to have a lot of time to stitch other things. I usually have an hour or so in the afternoon that I can relax and stitch before getting dinner started. I'm going to use that time to work on my WIP list and get as many finished as possible this year. I'm still going to work on my 50 project challenge, but now it's going to take a lot longer. Will I be able to hold out that long? I read one person would be doing the challenge, but wouldn't deprive herself of stash, but use it as a reward for goals set and knocking down her WIP list. Interesting.... :)

Finish # 4!!!

Last, but not least, I completed SanMan Original's "Sunflower Blackwork. It was an enjoyable stitch, but I did struggle some with the fabric. It's definately one that you need good light and an uplight or something white on your lap while you stitch. I'm pleased with how it turned out. It still needs a charm in the center, but I'm not sure that I will add one. This one is whispering to be turned into a biscornu.


Zohrah said... should be turn into a biscornu. Really pretty. :o)

juls said...

It will be outstanding!!!!! can't wait to see more progress pictures...

Karin said...

It would make a very cute biscornu. And you have a great start on the "The Baby"