Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baby WIP & Dishcloth FOs

I spent some time on The Baby and have made it across the page of the pattern. I really love the colors and I think they are making it such a joy to work on. The "cream" color area, which is most of it has 5 colors of cream & v. light yellow in it. I know the picture doesn't show it, and very honestly, when stitching it, you really don't see it, until you stand back, and there's just a slight bit of color change. It's amazing (IMHO) Sooooo... can you tell what it is yet? :)

Why is it that all the dishcloths seem to die at the same time? I have to do a few to replenish the supply. I went to get my knitting needles out, and found that I had put a half-knitted cloth in to finish. I had totally forgotten about it! Well, I finished that one, and found a pattern for a Darrell Waltrip Dishcloth. While looking for a something for Valentine's Day, I came across a set for both a towel and dishcloth called Piece of My Heart. I found red in my cotton stash, so I just had to start that one. I am ready to start my third pattern repeat. It's an easy stitch and is turning out nicely. (sorry - no picture of that one yet.)

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