Friday, February 02, 2007

Spring Right Around the Corner

Yes! Phil says spring will be early this year!!! And being from PA, I have to believe Phil's forecast. It wouldn't be Pennsylvanian of me if I didn't. :)

I decided it was time to teach 13yoDD to stitch on evenweave. We took our time and picked out a cute little pattern by SamSarah Designs called "Smile". She then went through my stash and decided she liked Silkweaver's 32ct. Lugana Solo and wouldn't hear that 32 count may be just a bit smaller than she'd like to start on. Ok - we'll try. We then found threads in my stash that would work. I couldn't believe out of all the threads I had, I had NONE of what the pattern called for. We came up with some nice substitutes, though.

Well, she sat down, and wanted to do a swirl pattern for the center. I said that back and forth was easier, but she didn't want that. So she started out with the swirl. She took off and is having a great time with it! So much for me knowing anything. She says she is enjoying working with the colors, making it so much more interesting than "normal" cross stitch. My biggest surprise was how quickly she caught on to working on the fabric. I had imagined there would be much more frustration and a little more difficulty with the transition from aida - especially since she hasn't done it in a while. HA! Not this gal.

As for me, I finished the dishcloth for Valentine's day and started another called LOVE in a nice hot pink. When it's finished I'll take a picture of both and post.

I worked on The Baby more and really hated putting it away. There's just not enough hours in the day!!

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