Monday, February 26, 2007

Still Dyeing

This morning shed new light on things. The yarn wasn't as dark in daylight as it seemed to be last night. DD took one look at it and said she wanted it darker. OK. We used all the Kool-Aid we had so I got out the 2 Easter egg coloring kits we had and opened them. I told her to put the red in the hot water, turned my back and in went the blue. Hmmmm - 13 years old and doesn't know the difference between the color tablets - even after we went over it. :) No problem. I wanted to do some blue anyhow - so we dissolved the other blue tablet we had, put it in a smaller crockpot and I went off to soak the yarn for that.

She had put more water in the microwave to boil, and this time, she got the color right. It didn't look dark enough, so we also added about an ounce of red liquid food coloring. Back in the pot it the yarn went with the new colorings.

DS saw that we were doing another batch and got all excited to see blue in the pot. I want that blue for socks. Man - not even yarn in the pot and he's putting dibs on it for socks. Maybe after he sees the color, he might change his mind! LOL

Honestly, I'm having a ball fooling around with the colors and am really glad DD didn't put the correct tablet in the water. I would have missed this lovely blue color!!

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Robbyn said...

Heheh - I'm so glad you're having fun with the dyeing thing - it's really addictive, isn't it?

I'm going to try and replenish my Easter Egg dye stash a little this week and hope to run into some on the mark-down when the holiday has passed.