Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gentleman's Plaing Winter Sock Update

The sock is taking shape, but I'm still apprehensive with the heel. This is my first Dutch Heel (like this one). I'm not sure if those three knit stitches on the bottom middle of the heel are going to be a problem or not. DS says he doesn't notice them - but then again, he's not walking on them at this point. I was surprised at how the foot stitches were decreased, but they don't seem tight on DS.

I'll soon be to the toe, and I can't wait to try that as well. These Vintage patterns are cool, and I'm anxious to see just how they will wear.


Shelley said...

Your sock is looking great, and I love the colours. I've never tried the Dutch heel either; usually I just stick to the same one I'm used to doing - except my current pair of socks which is my first attempt at toe-up as well as short row heels!

tweezle said...

Thank you, Shelley! I love your socks. I think I will have to try them now that I see yours. They are gorgeous!

Karin said...

I love the colour on this one - it would be perfect for blue jeans

SJ said...

That pattern is actually my fiance's favorite of all the socks I've knit for him, specifically because of the Dutch heel. It looks kind of funny off the foot, but when it's on it really hugs the heel nicely and I can't tell that it feels any different from a more usual heel construction.