Wednesday, February 07, 2007

First of the Kool-aid Socks Finished

The first of my hand-dyed Kool-aid yarn has actually been used. I know the colors are a little strange, but that's what happens when each of 3 people pick a color. My teen children and I had a blast dying the yarn, but the house ended up smelling like a wet sheep dipped in Kool-aid. LOL

The first sock is finished and the second is down to the heel flap. In no time, these will be on my big old feet. It's amazing to me that I finally get a pair of socks out of all that I've knitted. This will be my 20th pair, and the only reason I'm getting these is because no one likes the color combination of the Kool-aid yarn. That's fine with me, because every time I look at them, I'll remember how much fun we had dying them!

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