Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The UGLY Socks are finished!! I grafted the toe last night and put them in DS's room so he could find them this morning. He found them at 2am when he woke up in the middle of the night. He's thrilled to have new socks even though they are ugly. :)

Yesterday, the Trekking XXL (#104) that I ordered from Judy to make my next pair of socks came yesterday. I'm finally been able to join in on the Vintage Socks KAL. The group is doing the "Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock" from the book Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I'm making these for DS, and am already changing the pattern. I've shortened both the ribbing and the leg, and I've removed the center stitch that goes down the back of the leg. I just LOVE the colors of this yarn!! Trekking has to be one of my favorites to knit with - the colors are gorgeous!

I'm still working on the I-cord for the purse. I really should have it done, but the socks have lured me away for a bit. As soon as the cord is done, I'll be casting on to make the Valentine Mitts for my DD. She's been begging for fingerless mitts for quite a while and these are so pretty. Thanks for a great pattern, Robbyn!


June said...

Think of it this way: they're not *ugly* socks, they're *interesting* socks!! :D

Karin said...

The "ugly" socks are fantastic- I think they'd be perfect with jeans.

Nicki said...

oh that trekking is knitting up really nicely - gonna be a great pair of socks :)

tweezle said...

Thank you June and Karin for your KIND words about the Ugly Socks :)You guys made me smile.

Thanks Nicki! The pics of the Trekking don't do it justice at all. It is just GORGEOUS!! I keep stopping to admire how pretty it's turning out.