Monday, February 12, 2007

New Start

DS says to me, "Mom, I'm so glad you got your knitting out!! I need AT LEAST 5 pairs of socks. Do you think you can hurry up and make them before I go to our retreat next month?" Hmmmm - if I do a pair a week, maybe... but I really doubt it. Then DD chimes in and says she needs them, too. She has to have some new ones for the retreat as well. Oh yah, and don't forget we all need gloves, hats, mittens and a couple of fingerless mitts. And when you're done with them....

I have to really be thankful for the kids wanting my handmade knits. I remember growind up and all the kids HATED when their grandmothers made them something and they might have to wear it. Have our patterns and wools come a long way from those things from that time? Honestly, I don't think so. We do have patterned sock yarns, but outside of that, we still have many of the same lovely patterns. Elizabeth Zimmermann was popular then, and still is now. I see many of the patterns on the net that were popular when we were kids. Things really haven't changed that much. My kids love the colors of the yarns, but mostly they love how warm they stay. They say the wool is so much different than the synthetic stuff they can get at the store. The don't mind the extra care that comes with wool, either. Both know how to wash and take care of their woolens. They also know what happens to wool that is abused. DS found that nice big mittens can end up toddler size in no time!

So to make the dear sweet children happy, I've started a new pair of socks. These are being knitted in Opal Masterpiece #1307. I will say we are all disappointed in it as it is turning out to be pretty darn ugly. I bought it thinking it was Magic. I got them mixed up, and didn't realize it until I started knitting, knowing it looks very, very different. hahahaha! Ah well. They will still keep the feet happy - just not as pretty as normal. Only 3 more balls to knit through - each in a different color. :)


Karin said...

Your kids are lucky - and you're right, the colours out there are gorgeous. No wonder they want handmade stuff!

June said...

Even though I can't knit to save my life, I love knitted socks. I always drool over the fantastic wool in the shops and would love to be able to turn them into socks!