Monday, January 15, 2007

Cherub is finished!!!

I put my last stitches in the Cherub this morning. Here he is, fresh off the q-snaps:

This makes finish #3 - only 47 more to go. I enjoyed this piece, but it really took longer than I thought it would. There's a lot of detail that I hadn't noticed. I guess because it is a freebie, that I expected it to be a shadow of her "real" pieces. Not so! This is really a nice quality piece. A very nice surprise to me.

New focus piece
Now, on to my next piece. This is a House-Mouse pattern called "Appleseeds". I had put it aside to work on a model, and just haven't touched it since then. It is being stitched on 14 count ecru aida, and with all the 1/4 stitches, it is a bit of a challenge getting the needle through the fabric. I can say I'm not fond of doing fractional stitches on aida (understatement of the year!)

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Adana said...

I always thought the cherub a girl. Either way, it's adorable, my fav of her design freebies. Nice work.