Saturday, January 27, 2007

House-Mouse Finished!

I put my last stitches in Appleseeds last night. He turned out nicely, but I wish I had stitched it on an evenweave or linen. It would have looked so much nicer. However, when I started it (back in 2004!!) the aida was what I had on hand at the time. Please forgive the creases, as I scanned him as soon as he came off the q-snaps.

My next focus project is Hillside Samplings Letter Snow, Letter Snow, Letter Snow. It is being stitched on Blue Wing linen. I had to look back at my update pictures and found that I had started it back in 2002. Why don't I remember it being that long ago?!! I know I had put it away as I got so bored stitching the snowman. This was an easy project to ignore (obviously!). I'm hoping in a few days he will be finished.

I don't have any real update on The Baby. I've been a little under the weather and so tired at night that I've been going to bed early. I really am wanting to get back to stitching it. I can't do it in the daytime, the stretcher bars are just too big to do with other active bodies around. Oh how I wish I had my own stitching room!! We have about 1000 square feet, so it doesn't allow for much room for my stash. I want a BIG old Victorian home with 5 bedrooms!! :)


Sandy said...

Oh Theresa he is adorable! Congratulations on the finish.

Mary Ann said...

Hi, I just found your blog recently and wanted to say that your House-Mouse finish is adorable and the snowman is looking cute, too!