Tuesday, December 02, 2003

A good mail day today!!! I received my auction winnings (2 of the 3) and am very well pleased! The Knit Kit was the same thing I bought my mother years ago. It was in perfect condition - absolutely new and still sealed!!! That was like seeing an old friend come in the mail :-) I've been enjoying going through it and can't wait to get into the meat of the book. There's a lot on designing in it. Wonderful!!!

The other auction I won was a lot of 40 patterns. Only a couple listed in the description, so it was fun going through the "grab bag" assortment. I was far from disappointed. Beautiful patterns!!! I had well over $100 worth for the huge bid of $1.99. There was the right place at the right time scenario.

I did 2 more preemie hats today, and I got about 2-1/2 inches more done on the Weekend Sweater. I'm so close to getting it done. I got the second decrease around the yoke done tonight. I was knitting happily away watching TV when DS came out of his room to get a drink. BUSTED! I'm sure he saw it, but I'm so hoping that it went flying out of sight fast enough. If not, oh well - he'll know one of the things he's getting for Christmas. It gets harder every year to make things to surprise the kids. The get wiser as they get older! (well at least in the snooping aspect) LOL

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