Saturday, December 06, 2003

So, where are my entries again? Ahhhh - long story, but to make it short, we tried a new ISP to save $. Well, you know the saying, "you get what you pay for"? Ahhh - that's what we got. :-( I tried posting a few times on here and the page would come up unavailable, I'd reload and everything would be gone! I did that a couple of times and then realized that it was our new ISP and not Blogger. We had problems with email, the newsgroups, bringing up pages - oh what fun. But everything is back to normal now. We are going with our old ISP.

I finished DS's Weekend Sweater all except for the grafting of the underarms. I was lucky and he didn't realize what I was working on the other night. He thinks that what I had was black, white and gray. HAHAHAHA!!! DD's Hooded Sweater now needs a bit of . I have the front and back done, and did the 3 needle bind-off - came out nicely, except it was done on the wrong side. See what happens when you watch those sappy Christmas love stories and knit at the same time?!! I decided it was enough and went to bed.

A couple of FO's to report - 2 more preemie hats and a hat for DD. I got the Gotcha Covered free project sheet from Red Heart and made an adorable hat for DD using Red Heart's Baby Clouds . It wasn't the easiest to use, but it came out so cute! DD loves it and says it's really warm.

DH doesn't like his scarf - like that's news. I told him he doesn't want a scarf - that it won't meet his needs, but he insisted, and now he's not happy. Oh men! They can't be told a thing, can they? Back to the drawing board again. I did inform him that I won't be getting it done this year. I've messed around with his pickiness too much as it is, and I need to get the Christmas stuff done now.

No pics for a bit - my brother has borrowed the camera for a while. He got a new pc that was supposed to be HP camera ready, and believe it or not, it's missing the driver needed for his camera. AND to get the driver, they are charging for it! So much for camera ready!!!! In the meantime of trying to decide what to do, he's using ours. I had no idea I used it so much until it wasn't here.

I'm trying to decide how to log my projects that I've finished. I hate having to go back through the archives to find out information - plus some of the things don't have all the notes I wish I had put down now. I'll have to just sit down and try a few things to see how they work, instead of just thinking about it.

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