Sunday, December 21, 2003

We took the kids up to my brother's today to let them go help pick out his Christmas tree. They always have such a blast doing anything with my brother because he's just so "cool". Amazing - I never thought of him being "cool" while growing up! LOL Nayhow, they will be staying there for the next few days and we'll all celebrate Christmas there.

While they were out hunting for the perfect tree, I ended up staying at the farm with my Dad and DH. We had a nice visit, and while we were talking, I ended up making 7 preemie hats. I don't every go anywhere without my yarn and needles anymore. Any time I can, I try to get a few stitches in. :-)

I finished the sleeves on the LB Hooded Sweater. Now I need to just do the hood and sew everything together, and I'll be finished. I'm sure this will be done in time, and I know she's going to be happy. She was so disappointed when she found her last Hooded Sweater I made here was getting too small.

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