Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I have finished putting my brother's afghan together, and am now weaving in the ends... and ends.... and ends... and ends.... OMG! There must be close to a thousand or at least it sure seems that way. I hate ends, and every block I traded for came with them hanging all over, or if they were woven in, quite a few of them came apart. So, I'm doing most of them over, if they look the least bit loose.

I had to make a trip up in the attic to see if I could find any more black yarn for the border of the blanket. Oh goodness! I found something very important out - NEVER store your acrylic yarn in a dark place next to other acrylics. They multiply like nobody's business!!! Those shameless skeins! And here I was planning on trying it use it all up in afghans, charity items and misc things next year- but after viewing what those naughty things did, it's going to be near impossible to wipe them out in just a year. SIGH....

I was at my brother's the other day, and we had a really nice time just hanging out and enjoying country life. That spoiled brat of a brother of mine gets to see a sunset every evening. Ah, what a lucky guy he is! We have mountains all around us, so we never see it rise or set. Just have a look at what he sees all the time:

Of couse, my picture doesn't do that sunset justice. It was just breathtaking.

Well, enough gabbing for tonight. I've got to get back to the blanket and start weaving in those ends in again.

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