Thursday, September 11, 2003

I debated whether or not to post today - as my knitting seems so trite next to what others have suffered on this anniversary of 911. All those who have suffered and died are in my thoughts and prayers...

Today was an exciting mail day for me. I received my autographed copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears. What a treasure that is! I couldn't believe that I found one from an online used bookstore and at a great price to boot!!!

I started and finished an interesting but disappointing project today. I picked up a free leaflet for a One Ball Triangle Scarf when I purchased some Lion Brand Fun Fur. I should have known that I would have needed more - years of knitting should have told me that, and I suppose it did in the back of my head. The scarf came out nicely, but too small for an adult. With no gauge, I don't know if I was knitting to tightly or what the problem is. My 10yo loves it though, so all that work didn't go to waste. Next time, I'll listen to that little voice.

On the needles: A sock made with Opal. The pattern I'm using Crossing Into Spring, was from the SOTM club that PT Yarn used to have. There are a couple of typos on the pattern that stumped me for a bit, then the issue of the short row heel. YO's and SSP's aren't my friends at this point. I'm getting holes from them. Hopefully practice will make perfect.

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