Sunday, September 14, 2003

The Reunion went nicely. We all had a great time, making me wonder why we don't all get together more. My uncle said he liked his scarf, but I really considered not giving it to him.

I made the scarf using Red Heart a while ago, and then last night, when I had to put the fringe on, I couldn't believe how undesirable it felt to my fingers. I know I've been working with wool and the novelty yarns, and maybe it's because they are so soft - or maybe the RH just is awful. I can't become a fiber snob now, can I? I better not - as I'll never be able to afford it, and with all that acrylic in my stash, DH would KILL me.

I finished the first of the Crossing Into Spring socks this morning before we left. I love it and can't wait to cast on the next, but not tonight. The bed is whispering my name.

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