Tuesday, September 16, 2003

It's HERE!!! Actually I should say THEY are here!! YIPEE!!! I got a nice shipment of patterns from Schoolhouse Press today. Think it's been the longest wait of my life waiting to get my little hands on them OOOOOHHHHH!!! I've discovered EZ recently, and her "unventings" intrigue me. The Weekend Sweater is lovely and I absolutely love the seamless concept. Can't wait to start it. I'm going to do an acrylic one for DS - just because I have the yarn in stash. Then, when I finish that one, I'm going to DH's in wool, hopefully for Christmas. He does a lot of work outdoors, so it will be a nice addition to his wardrobe.

I bought quite a few patterns (mostly Spin-offs), Knitter's Almanac, and the Wool Gathering that had the Weekend Sweater in it. I've been having such a great time reading them all. It's like sitting down and chatting with good friends, and I really love that. Especially since there are no knitters that I know of around here. I suggest teaching others, but they prefer to stick with crochet. It amazes me how much people won't try new things - me, well - what's life without new things?!

We've been trying to buy a farmette for the last few years, and finally, one that has the acreage we want and a reasonable price to boot has come on the market. It's exactly what we want, saved and waited all this time for. Sadly, we have to pass it up. We have pristine credit and have been pre-approved for above the amount of the farm, BUT, the lenders will only appraise the house and 5 acres, and most won't even lend to us if it's more than 5 acres - because it's considered a farm. So, we are required to get a farm loan. OK - no biggie, until one tries to get a dang farm loan. They want you to have farmed for a few years and show a profit over the time you farmed. I grew up farming, but that's not good enough - DH is a city boy, and even though he will continue to work at his current job, and bring a steady income in, they refuse to give us the loan. This is the same state that complains that all the farmers are leaving, and selling out and subdividing those beautiful farms. HELLO? Am I the only missing this? Ah well - welcome to the lovely state of PA - where more and more laws are being imposed until we all stop being able to think for ourselves.

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