Monday, September 15, 2003

One of the Elizabeth Zimmermann groups I belong to has started a 5 Hour Baby Sweater knit along today, so I casted on and followed along. The pattern is a bit different than the one I did - it's been corrected and revised so I can't wait to see the changes. They only post 10 rows a day, making the sweater very manageable with other projects. I've decided to try baby sport with size 7 needles for a smaller version. I'm hoping it will fit my 10yo's doll baby. She's been begging for new clothes for her, but I can't find anything online for a 14" baby type doll. It amazed me, as I swear every little girl has one or had one of these dolls sometime in her childhood. I've been considering preemie patterns as well. Sadly, there's never a gauge or size to get an idea about how big the finished item will be. I am looking forward to learning EZ's EPS so I can start doing my own and not depending on other patterns.

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