Thursday, September 18, 2003

I finished the Flying Geese Dishcloth this morning. I really love the pattern and the color says fall. Now I'm going to have to do one for myself!

I didn't touch the 5HBS today. One sleeve is supposed to be finished today, and then the other tomorrow. I might be able to get both done tomorrow, but I've got a half bushel of tomatoes to can, so they will be consuming most of my time, if we still have power. The weather report is calling for high winds and power outages caused by Hurricane Isabel. We'll see how accurate the weather man is.

I did cast on my son's other sock, so I decided to work on that a little tonight. He saw me casting it on and shouted "HURRAY! It's about time, Mom!!" Don't think he wants it badly, do you? He's amazing to me. He absolutely treasures the socks I make for him. He wears them to bed, and that's it. He says he doesn't want to wear them out, so that's why he only wears them to bed. He has a specific place he puts them, and really takes care of them. My daughter - she's another story. She can't usually find matching socks. They're all over the place.

When I started making socks, DH said he would never wear a pair of uncomfortable, itchy, handmade socks. He had no interest in me making any for him. So, I made DS and DD socks, and now am on the last of DS's socks, so I thought I'd look for another pattern he'd like. DH grumbles that I never made him any yet, and now wants some. He said he didn't think that they would be comfortable, but after hearing both kids, he wants some. LOL! I've got an order for a single color sock with ribbing all the way down to the ankle, and then to take it over the top of the foot to the toe, so that he can have a sock that stays tight and doesn't sag. Hmmmm - not only is he demanding, but now a sock designer as well :-)

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