Thursday, September 25, 2003

Rain today... And thunder... And chilly out. Ah yes - autumn is here. This year I hate to see summer leave. DS asked me today why I haven't closed the windows yet. I smiled and said "If I close the windows, it means that fall is really here, and I don't want it here yet." Ever get one of those "yep, she's lost it" looks? That's what he gave me. LOL

I received a package from today. The yarn that I ordered for DS's socks came. He wanted Regia variegated 5168 made into socks for him for Christmas. Can you imagine a 12yo with socks on his Christmas wish list?!!!

I needed some quick gratification so I tried the Butterfly Bag someone posted to the Knitlist. I used Red Heart in Starbrights. DD loves the color and now she has a purse to match the hat I made her last year.

I like the concept of this purse, but would rather do it on circular needles. I hate sewing seams. I did like the gauge on it, though - it was a good tight one, but I didn't care for how the flap turned out. It rolls up when not hooked. It needs some sort of non-rolling border on it. I also did a crochet chain for the hook and I crocheted the handle instead of the knitted one that was given in the directions. I've made some notes on what I want to do for the next one, so when I need a little more instant gratification, I'm going to do my own version.

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