Monday, November 10, 2003

Another 12 degree morning. Sure was hard climbing out of bed and starting the day. The house seemed so cold and quiet. I turned the heat up and climbed back between the covers with HP and read another chapter before the kids started to surface.

My package from Schoolhouse Press came today! OHHH! I love getting shipments from Meg!! The video for the Dubbelmossa is wonderful and now I wish I hadn't spent my money elsewhere, and saved it for these videos instead. They are an absolute must have!!! I also am thrilled with the Spun-Outs that I picked up this time. DS wants me to do the Balaclava Helmet that's in #8 and he loves the scarf "hat" on the video. I have to stop showing these guys stuff, because I'll never get any knitting done for myself! LOL

I started to swatch the yarns from Bartlettyarns and I'm ending up with a sore finger from it. It's rough but I've heard it washes up nicely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have much problem working with it, because I have 9 skeins to use up. Two of them are the fluorescent orange color I need for the guys' hunting caps.

I'm making a decent sized swatch to wash for clothing, and will do another to see how it felts. I'm dying to make a felted bag for myself. My handles on my purse are giving way and I don't like the ones I'm finding at the store. So this time I'm making my own. Not sure if I want it out of the Bartlettyarn or Plymouth Galway.

I'm going to take this evening to watch Meg's video again and now that I have the rest of the Unspun Icelandic that I needed, I might just come close to finishing the 3-Cornered Shawl! DH and I were discussing that if it turns out well and large enough, we may consider giving one to his mom for Christmas. That won't bother me in the least, as I love working with both the yarn and love how it's turning out.

Off to finish dinner and then for a quiet night of knitting....

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