Saturday, November 15, 2003

DH made it home safely from Pittsburgh last night. It's a miracle, too, because the silly man rode on a tire that was coming apart. I sat in amazement as he told the story of how the belt broke, then how he lost a piece of the tire, and then decided that he'd try to get home on it, and just change to the emergency tire if he needed to. Good Heavens! It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

No knitting last night as we spent the time catching up after a week of quiet, blissful evenings knitting. LOL Today, I was going to get back to work on my normal projects, but decided that I needed to do something for CIC - a cute little sock from Countrywool that can be found in their charity section. It didn't take very long to get the first one done, just a couple of hours. I'm ready to do the heel on my second sock, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow. Short rows aren't my strong point yet, and it's getting late now.

I used Bartlettyarn's 2-ply in Spice Heather and
I'm working it at 5 sts to the inch. It's turning out to be a very dense and heavy sock. Certainly one that should keep a pair of little feet warm.

I visited the <strong>CIC website and read about their trip to the different orphanages, and was mortified at some of the things I read. Certainly a motivator for me to get moving on knitting a pair of socks or 2.

The kids are both down with colds, so we decided to stay home this weekend. DS and DH didn't go hunting, and we didn't get any wood, either. Just a quiet, relaxing day here. On that note, I'm going to climb into a nice warm waterbed (that tells my age, eh?) and read a chapter or 2 of Harry Potter.

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