Thursday, November 13, 2003

Windy, cold and snowing, but we're still here and still warm :-) My heart goes out to everyone that lost power - too dang cold and breezy to be without heat!

It was a great mail day today!! My package from Bartlettyarns arrived. I'll have to find a good pattern for making a hat for DS now. The orange is really hunter orange, but I doubt if I'll have time to get it done by Saturday morning. I do have a long night tonight, and maybe even time tomorrow before hubby comes home.

Also in the mailbox was a package of yarn to put away for my CIC knitting next year. I would like to start now, but between working with our local charity (I'm the contact person) and all the Christmas knitting I need to finish yet, it appears I won't have much time for anything for CIC. I so look forward to making "little" items again. Funny how one misses it when the kids get bigger!

I did give DD her poncho - as she's been slighted some with all the guys are getting for their hunting expeditions. She was thrilled and has come up with all kinds of other things I should make for her. I found a cute crocheted hat pattern that was quick and easy, and seems to go pretty well with the style of the poncho.

I the poncho looks a little strange with her red shirt showing underneath. It must be a big hit with her, though, because she hasn't taken either off since early this afternoon when I gave them to her.

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