Sunday, November 30, 2003

Wow!! I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've written. We've been quite busy with the holidays. We ended up attending 2 dinners - at my brothers on Thanksgiving, and then the inlaws on Saturday. I've finally learned NOT to go back for seconds, no matter how good the food is.

I've been spending a little time online looking at different charities, and found lots of fantastic causes. Many are for preemies, but these were just a bit different, and should be given recognition:

Online Angels will send a Loveghan to someone who has suffered a tragedy, loss of loved one, severe illness, or someone who just need to be uplifted.

Angels for Hope sends an adorable angel, butterfly or smiley face to "those who are severely injured and/or chronically ill, as well as their caregivers, or just someone that needs hope - as a tangible reminder that you are not alone, that others care, and that we remember you in our thoughts and prayers".

Hugs and Hope is a "club" that sends cards, gifts, and love to children and families of children that are very ill.

I've done more on the Weekend Sweater this past week, and only have 2 more decreases to go on the yoke, then all that's left is the collar and grafting the underarms. I'm anxious to get it done!

DH needed a scarf for hunting tomorrow, so we went to Walmart looking for Lion Brand Chenille Sensations, but didn't find it, just the Thick 'N Quick. He doesn't like how thick that came out when I did DS and DD their scarves with it, so I had to look for something else just as soft. I found Red Heart Plush in a very pretty French Blue. It isn't as soft as chenille, but did well in a pinch. I started and finished the scarf today and did it crochet, even though I prefer clothing knitted. I really didn't have much choice with the time frame in which it was needed. I'm hoping for a good report on the scarf when he comes home tomorrow.

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