Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The weather report sounds unsettling for the rest of tonight into tomorrow evening. High winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, and then snow tomorrow. With this kind of forecast, we may be out of power tomorrow. I don't mind outages, except when temps drop below freezing - gets darn cold in here. No sense worrying about it until it happens. Will draw water tonight to make sure we have some in case it does.

Exciting things happened in my world of knitting today!!! I made a swatch from the Bartlettyarns, and wasn't keen on how it felt against the skin. Still a bit itchy and harsh - so off it went to be felted. A trip through hot in the washer didn't do a thing to it, so I did the rest by hand. I now have a sturdy piece of felt - just gorgeous!!! It was soo cool having it all happen in my hands - a knit rectangle just turned into a felted piece - like magic. I think I'm in love!!! Now, to just have time to do a felted bag.

I finished knitting the Poncho and it turned out nicely. I still need to weave in ends and make the tie and pompoms. That can wait until tomorrow night. I'm debating whether to give it to DD now or at Christmas. I'll have to check the stash of gifts and see... It was such a quick item to make, that I wouldn't mind doing another one for her. I've also considered a hat to match, since I have quite a bit of yarn left over.

I also put a little time in DH's socks. A few more rows were done to the ribbing. A HUGE contrast going from 3 strands of KW to fine sock yarn. Oh, but isn't that what I love most about knitting? The diversity of it all - nothing gets boring.

Well, enough writing for tonight - past my bedtime, and coming up on the pumpkin hour....

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