Sunday, November 23, 2003

I took a short break to renew and take time to knit. I didn't get near as much knitting done as I'd like to have done, but I did get a much needed rest. The kids went to my brothers house and stayed overnight, DH was out hunting with DS and I had the day to myself yesterday. I think I could use a few more days of that!!

I finished the scarf I was crocheting. I honestly don't care for the crochet "feel". The scarf is not as soft as a knit one, but maybe after I wash it, it will feel better. Here's a pic of it's detail:

It was quick and easy, but just not the nice knitted feel that I love so much.

I also finished the second sock of the second pair I've done for CIC. It came out nicely, and I'm pleased with my matching the colorway on it. DH was amazed that they really look almost exactly alike. I'm pleased :-)

I've casted on another sock for CIC. This one is also in Regia 6 Crazy Colors. I love the colors on this one. I've only got the cuff done so far, but it will go quickly.

DH's sock got a few rows done on the cuff. I've changed my mind from 2" to 3" on it. Once I get off the cuff, it should go faster. I'm trying to decide what heel I like better. The CIC socks help there, because I'm trying different styles of heels on them to see what I like.

I downloaded the new issue of Stranded (see sidebar) and the Isis Waiting Socks are BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to get a chance to do them. I'm also anxious to get the new Heels & Toes Gazette (also see sidebar) as Dawn posted a sneak preview and it looks wonderful!!!! They are both fantastic newsletters!! I don't know which one I enjoy more, as they are both so full of information. I love Stranded because it focuses on different countries, yarns, histories, and techniques. Heel & Toes Gazette focuses on different socks, yarn weights, techniques, and has reviews on yarns and other items. Both are full of valuable information and I all the issues from the beginning with both. I love seeing how they have evolved and gotten better (if that's possible).

DS wore his new hunter's orange hat yesterday. I forgot to ask him if it was itchy or not. He's really picky about that stuff and won't wear an itchy piece of clothing. Hope it was OK.

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