Tuesday, November 18, 2003

My first pair of CIC socks are finished and I'm on to the next. This pair is being done it Regia 6 Crazy Colors #5261.

I'm using Fiber Gypsy's Custom Fits Socks - Cuff to Toe to figure out how to do the small sizes. What a great book!! In the back it has a chart so that you can use those measurements in case you can't personally measure someone. It helped me out tremendously!

I just finished DS's hat using the hunter orange Bartlettyarn. It's washed and rolled in a towel right now, ready to be blocked as soon as I'm done here. Sadly, he won't be able to wear it hunting because it's not fluorescent orange and our laws state it must be. Ah well - he'll just have to wear it around during the winter. I should have made a pumpkin hat out of it instead. He'd have looked so cute in that!

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