Thursday, November 20, 2003

Today I have dusted off the crochet hooks to try the 1 Hour Baby Sweater to see if I'd like to use it for charity. It's finished, and I have to admit, it took me longer than an hour to do. It looks nice and looks like the picture, but I hate doing all the seams. Yes, I know, it's just the hard cold fact of making clothing :-)

On the yarn label, there was a cute scarf pattern, so I'm trying that out to see how it turns out. I love making things from free patterns. Do you think it's the tightwad in me surfacing?

Both items are made from acrylic yarn, as they will be going to charities here in the US. I'm finding that charities here don't want to deal with wool and other natural fibers. Such a shame, as they are sacrificing warmth with that attitude. No complaints on this end though, as I have an outlet for all the acrylic I've inherited and collected over the years.

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