Sunday, November 09, 2003

We had 12 degrees at 7:30 this morning! All my plants that were trying to hang on, lost their battle and have decided it's time to rest. It sure has put me in the mood to want to knit more warm things. DD complains about her nose being cold, so I'm thinking about making her a nosewarmer.

No knitting on the Weekend Sweater tonight. DS was up later than normal reading the end to the latest Harry Potter book. (Finally it's all mine now!!!) So, not to be caught working on it, I decided to start the poncho that DD's been begging for. The project is so Q&E that I ended up twice!! Good thing I didn't work on that sweater tonight - can't imagine how I could have screwed that one up. Even with all the , I still completed about 10". I'm going to make it the long length, and if I like it, may do another in the cropped length.

I've been in the attic tonight and found more acrylic yarn there than I thought. Ohhhh! I think they are breeding up there. Wish my wool would do that :-) Since I do charity crochet and knitting, I am going to set goals to use it as much as possible next year. I enjoy doing the charity knitting as I get to use patterns and experiment with things I normally wouldn't. I get to make baby things and all those cute toddler items that I don't have a need for any more. With donations here in the States, they normally request synthetic yarns -vs- projects like CIC. With my stash almost totally acrylic, I'll continue mostly knitting for here, however, I do love the projects CIC does, so will have to knit a couple pairs of socks to send. As I do more with wool, and my stash changes over to the natural fibers, I'll be able to do more for them.

Well, I'm towing my sorry butt to bed and reading Harry Potter for a while until I can't keep my eyes open. That should be all of about 5 minutes :-)

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