Saturday, November 08, 2003

What a sight the lunar eclipse was! Too bad temps were so cold. Already 19 degrees here and I'm sure I'll go lower before morning. Brrr.... The kids braved the weather much better than we did. The total eclipse was amazing and here's a pic with it almost totally covered:

It's not as clear as we'd like to have had it, but I don't think it's too bad considering DH was holding the digital camera when he took it. Where's a tripod when you need one?!

I knitted quite a bit last night, and ended up going too long and was too tired to enter in progress. I got the Weekend Sweater to the point of attatching the sleeves and a couple of rounds around the yoke.

To me it looks way too small, but I've measured it and measured it, and it's on the money. I'm guessing that yoke really will make a difference.

I've finished my first wheel of Unspun Icelandic. That stuff is amazing to work with!!! Now I'm at a stall on the 3-Cornered Shawl until my package from Schoolhouse Press arrives. This is my progress before the wheel was finished - it's an amazingly simple but pretty shawl!

I'm not sure if I did the lace inserts correctly, though. EZ is wonderful with her directions, giving the knitter so much freedom, but now I need more direction, not exactly sure what I should be doing, and there isn't any. I've posted a question to the KAL that did this shawl, but there has been no response so far. They're off on a charity KAL, and I assume that since it's off-topic it's not to be addressed. Sigh.... That's ok though, as I'm learning this way :-)

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