Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The forecast is calling for snow this week, and then a warm-up over the weekend back in the 60's. It seems unbelievable, especially with today being in the 70's.

I finished the first of the Iowa Cruise Socks tonight and started on its mate.

While working on it, it seemed sooo big and told my son that it probably wouldn't fit him, but his father. HA! It fits like a glove. I still look at it with amazement, because it seems huge. DS loves the way it feels and hubby keeps making the comment that he hopes he gets some socks soon. HAHAHA!! This is the guy that didn't want itchy wool socks.

I finally took a picture of the Spiral Rib Mittens with my son modeling them.

The books I ordered by the Fiber Gypsy came today. They are exactly what I was looking for! I now have the formulas for socks - cuff to toe, and mittens both cuff to fingertips, and fingertips to cuff. I like knowing exactly how these things are made, so I can adapt or change a pattern - or better yet, do it on my own. Man - this attitude is so much different compared to just a year ago. It feels liberating, and I'm gaining the confidence to do my own things. It's exhilarating!

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