Thursday, October 30, 2003

The sky was amazing tonight! I have never seen the Northern Lights like they were as darkness set in. We had a beautiful display of reds, gold, orange and white. Just stunning!!

I just put the finishing stitches in the Ladder of Life Socks. Hubby is anxious to try them out on Saturday morning. I hope they're dry in time. I'll probably put them outdoors to hang tomorrow if the weather is nice. That will speed them up. I'll post pics of the socks tomorrow.

We always take the kids out for dinner on Halloween instead of doing the "Trick or Treating" scene. They enjoy picking out a place to eat, and then we usually go shopping somewhere after dinner. I'm looking forward to not cooking dinner and having a night out, but I'll miss my knitting time. We usually are out late, and tired when we come home.

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