Monday, October 27, 2003

It was such a cold and rainy day today. A great day to read a book, bake a cake or knit. After doing the kids' lessons, I took the day to organize some things - especially my knitting patterns.

The mail certainly brightened up the day. My shipment from came as well as my order from Dawn Brocco. What fun it was going through those packages!!!

I found Elann had Jaggerspun 100% wool in fingering weight in a beautiful plum heather. I bought a cone of that, plus Heartstring's Triangles within Triangles Shawl pattern to go with it. My Swallow needles were also in the package as well as some reinforcement thread and a couple leaflets.

Dawn's package was such a surprise! I wasn't expecting that yet, especially since I ordered it just a couple of days ago. I am enjoying reading the Heels & Toes Gazette and can't wait to try both the patterns and all the techniques. They are going to keep me busy for a long time!

Since the needles I needed for Curt's socks came today, I started his heavy socks. I decided on the Ladder of Life pattern from Interweave Knits with Plymouth Galway in a baby blue. I have just a couple more pattern repeats and then I'll be ready to start the heel. It's amazing how fast these socks go next to the fingering weight socks. I'm enjoying finally being able to do all weights of yarns for socks for everyone. One of these days, I'm hoping I'll finally get to make some for me. :-)

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