Sunday, October 05, 2003

I started the Weekend Sweater today (a day earlier than the Knit-along) because we'll be getting home late tomorrow. The kids have a field trip with our homeschool group.

DS has a chest measurement of 34-1/2" and I needed some ease to the garment so I added to make 38". From there I used my gauge and percentages and came out with a cast of 154, but I wanted a K2P2 ribbing, so I decided add 2 since the ribbing is so stretchy and will be worn over other clothing. I worked the ribbing for 2-1/2" and then needed to increase 15 to get up to the number I needed for the body. I really am enjoying using EZ's percentages. It makes this sweater mine - but still guides me through the process. Way cool!

DS picked out a yarn that my DD and I both don't care for, but DH likes it. Must be a guy thing. It's a camouflage variegated in dk. green, black, brown and tan. Anyhow, here's the progress for today:

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