Saturday, October 04, 2003

What a great mail day! My Plymouth Galway is already here! I'm pleased with the yarn selections that were sent. At least 2 of each color, so I have enough to do small projects. The needles that came are Plymouth Bamboo. I've never had a bamboo needle before, so what a treat to hold them for the first time. ahhh - how smooth and satiny feeling. Now, all I need is a project that calls for size 9 dpns.

I broke down tonight and purchased a subscription to KnitNet. I've been stopping by and looking at the samplers ever since they went to a pay site. Well, I figured for $12, I still can't get that good of a bargain if I sub to a regular magazine. I like all the views of the projects and that's something that doesn't seem to come in a hardcopy mag. But then again, maybe I'm just reading the wrong ones - or at least did :-) The only one I'm getting now is Wool Gathering, and I don't really consider that a magazine, but more of a teaching booklet.

I didn't touch my needles today. It seems like I did a lot of nothing today - nothing accomplished, but no time to knit. Ever have one of those days? No, we didn't get to go to the Heritage Days. It poured down rain all day today, and it was so cold, that we decided not to make the trip down. Most of the displays are held outside, and it was just to raw out to tough it out. Now we have to wait another year. Sigh....

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