Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I've spent quite a bit of time going over the all the issues of Heels & Toes Gazette and there is just so much information in them, that it's just going to take time to digest it all! I want to try to knit all the socks in them, and I'm hoping to make that my goal for the next year or two. All the patterns are lovely, the instructions appear to be very well written and detailed. I'm so very pleased with this wonderful gift that Curt got for me. I'm lucky that he tolerates and supports my knitting habit (just wish he understood the obsession more!!)

I finished the first of the Ladder of Life Socks except for the Kitchener stitching of the toe. I decided that I needed a much quieter atmosphere to do it in, so I'm going to wait until the morning to work on that. What a lovely sock! My daughter now wants a pair for her wardrobe now. I keep adding more and more socks to the 2-do list these days!!! It's amazing to me that my handiwork is in such high demand. Certainly didn't happen when I was crocheting. No one cared for the texture of the sweaters/clothing and how many afghans can one use?

I needed some mindless knitting in front of the tv tonight, so I picked up the tube sock to work on for a while. The long awaited 24 had its season premier on tonight. I'm adicted to that program and just love Kiefer Sutherland! There was just no way I could count and concentrate with him on the tube.

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