Thursday, October 09, 2003

Yesterday was a good day to knit. The sun was out and we are in the middle of Indian Summer, which means that the kids went outside after lessons and enjoyed the weather. That gave me some time to work on DS's sweater. I have only 3 more inches to go, before I get to the underarms and will have to stop until my needles arrive. I will probably finish it tonight then I can go back to DD's sweater. I should have both of them finished in a couple of weeks.

I started the heel on DH's sock this morning. I'm doing a partridge eye/French heel so that he will have a nice cushion for his heel. I tried the sock on him yesterday to see how it was for length - and he made the comment that he couldn't believe it - that he really couldn't feel the sock. Said he didn't know if that was good or bad. Oh no! I think I'll have another convert by the time these are finished.

If anyone wants the specs so far on the socks, here's what I did:
DH's ankle is 11-3/4", and I had a gauge of 8sts/in, so I cast on 88 sts and worked in K2P2 ribbing for 7". Then I divided the stitches for the heel (44 sts) and have been working on the partridge eye (SL 1, K1, (repeat across) - turn. Then on the next row I SL1 and then purl the rest of the way across - turn. Repeat these 2 rows for 44 rows or until the flap is square.

That's where I am now - still on the flap and hopefully will be turning the heel tomorrow.

I was ambitious last night and decided to make an apple/oatmeal porriage in the crockpot for this morning's breakfast. I knew I was getting low on oatmeal, so I had purchased a box of it a few days ago. At 12:35 this morning, I opened the new oatmeal to put in the porriage, and I saw that some of the oats had green fuzzy stuff on them. I thought I was seeing things - as only some here and there had it. Maybe it was the lighting... so I turned on the overhead also - and ugh! It was green mold!!! I looked and looked and found that it was all through the package, and the plastic top (seal) had it on, too. YUCK! Who would have ever expected that?! Thank heavens I was paying attention, but now what?! All the ingredients except the oatmeal was in the crockpot, and I only had half of what I needed from the old box. I looked and looked and finally saw the granola box. Gee - that has oatmeal in it.... didn't have much to lose, so I subbed with that. This morning we had a really good porriage! Yipee!!! It worked. :-)

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