Friday, October 03, 2003

I joined Dishcloth Exchange last month, and received my first exchange today. It's a lovely cloth from Shannon in OR called Clean & Shine from the LA leaflet Color-Splash Dishcloths. Along with the dishcloth, Shannon sent an adorable magnetic note pad that has baby tigers on it, a Lisa Frank pencil/eraser and a postcard of the Columbia River Gorge.

Pretty, isn't it?

I've been pulling my hair out the last couple of days because I couldn't access any of the search engines and it seems like everything I wanted needed a search engine. I should have known I picked up a virus somewhere. A sweet little Trojan called QHost If you visited this blog within the last few days and have found that you cannot access the search engines, you probably have picked it up here. Seems that Fortune City had a malicious banner ad. My sincere apologies if that happened. It amazes me that people develop these silly things for what? Think someone should teach them how to knit and redirect all that talent :-)

I decided to go all out today and make a nice dinner including dessert. We had roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, harvard beets, and cranberry sauce with apple crisp for dessert. The kids kept commenting it was just like Thanksgiving. Hmmmm - sounds like I don't make many good meals, does it? LOL

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the Fort Freeland Heritage Days. It will be a nice field trip to add to our homeschool portfolio. The extra plus is, there is usually spinning and weaving, plus other needle arts on display. I love going there and seeing all the lovely crafters. It's amazing that over 200 years has gone by, and yet we still do many of the same things. It's so thrilling to know we keep our heritage alive!

I am still working on the ribbing on DH's sock. He keeps wanting it longer, but he also seems very pleased with it. I've only done 5-1/4" but I really do like how much it stretches. The color is pretty as well, but since it's darker, I need good light to work on it.

Well - It's getting that time that the bed seductively calls...

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