Sunday, October 12, 2003

I think this weekend has been one of the most beautiful weekends of the year. The colors of our trees are almost at their peak, and the temps have been in the low 70's. I don't think I could come up with a more gorgeous combination. I love fall.

Since the weather has been changing, it's time to knit up a few pairs of mittens. I decided to try the Spiral Rib Mittens on p84 of Homespun Handknit using the Plymouth Galway that I came a bit ago. DS picked the apple green color (DD calls it booger green). The kids like their mitten cuffs longer so I did 30 rows of ribbing instead of the 18 that the directions call for. I like the pattern - very easy and the effect that it produces really pleases my son. He says they "cool".

I hit a snag on DH's socks. I am working on the gusset right now, and tried them on him last night. The ribbing bunches at the back where the ribbing meets the heel flap. I'm going to continue with the gusset and see if it's just because it's not pulling equally from all sides, but it's possible that I'm going to end up ripping back and trying something else out. I'm at 2 possibilities so far:

  • 1. The ankle is too lose and I need to taper it some
  • 2. The ribbing just won't work with my choice of heel flap

    DH said to leave it alone and he'll deal - said he feels bad that I will have to rip out all that work. This is my learning sock. I'm going to learn how the construction works and what I need to do to fix the problems, so if I need to rip, no biggie. As long as he's ok with being patient

    I'm at the stopping point on DS's sweater. I have to wait for the needles to come in now. The sweater is going much faster than I thought it would and it's real pleasure to work on.

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