Thursday, October 23, 2003

Snow... yup, we saw our first flakes last night and today. They flew by just to let us know that they haven't forgotten us, and to remind us that they will be returning to stay soon.

I put the finishing stitches in the other Iowa Cruise sock. It is now washed and drying. My son is so happy with them. I'm not though. I checked my gauge, as it just didn't seem right - well, 2 rulers gave me 2 different gauges!!! So, it's either 5 or 5.5 stitches to the inch. Half a stitch means almost an inch difference there. So which one do I believe? Who would have guessed!!! Doggone it!

I placed an order with for some 5.0mm dpns. I will probably have to drop down at least a size to do the next pair.

I ended up contacting Plymouth Yarn Co. to tell them about the yarn. My second skein was worse than my first. They told me to take it back to the shop. That would be ok, but Wanderings is not out of business. So I wrote them another email, telling them the situation, and they said they'd look into the yarn lot and see if there was a problem. If they find anything, they'll let me know.

Tomorrow I get to sit down and work on the Weekend Sweater, now that my set of dpns are freed up. I have another sleeve to do before I can put them on the body and work on the yoke/sleeves. I'm anxious to get it done, since this is my first sweater that I've had the freedom to choose what I wanted to do. Yah, I'm from the old school that said you had to follow the directions, since the person that wrote them were much more knowledgeable than I. HA!!! How sad, isn't it?! All that time wasted when I really could have been having fun. Wonder what my mother would have thought, if she were here and could see what we could really do with those patterns.

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