Saturday, October 25, 2003

The guys went hunting again this morning, giving us another day for just "us girls" to do our own thing. I made a big pot of beans and ham so that there were leftovers for today. We don't have to do anything, except enjoy today! We watched a couple of movies and the Mr. Ed marathon while we knitted. Becky is doing a great job on her shawl. I'm very pleased and surprised that she's been so diligently working on it.

I heard from Jay today. He says they didn't get anything, and than included no cold feet. YAH!!! The socks worked and kept his feet nice and warm. He also said that they were cushy enough to prevent his heel from hurting like it did last week. Sounds like I'll be doing a few more pairs of worsted weight socks.

I finished the first of the E-Z Fit Tube Socks, and I'll be honest. I was disappointed with the outcome. I had reservations, but thought I'd try anyhow. The sock patterning came out lovely and the are quite pretty. The toe left much to be desired. It's just a few rows of decreases making a star-like pattern and reminded me of a decrease for a hat. This causes a lot of puckering around the toes - especially the bottom under the toes. I wanted to rip out the toe and do a normal toe, but Becky said she liked the roominess of this new toe. I also don't think the sock will wear as well without a heel. Maybe I'm being biased, but I think the traditional sock is better. We'll see how these wear with shoes....

I really love the colors of the Colorspun. I think it would make a really pretty sock, and unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice. The subtle changes in color can't be seen well. I'd love to get some more, but then again, there's so many lovely types of yarns out there that I have to try. Oh such hard decisions!

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