Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I have been using a stitch marker that I received from Limited Editions by Renee. It is a beautiful, well made marker that is well balanced and very nice to use. Here it is in use on size 9 bamboo needles.

I wish the picture would have come out clearer, but it appears my auto focus wanted to focus on something other than the marker. I chose green and clear beads called Green Disc II. I'm going to add some more of these to my wish list! Another cool thing - Renee will have kits available to make earrings out of them.

I finally too a picture of my shawl. It didn't want to cooperate at all for the photo. Between the shawl and circular needle, all I did was fight with it to get it look like this. Hope it's not a sign of how bad it's going to turn out! LOL

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